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Lectures include: 

"Typical and Atypical Language Development"
"Typical Speech Sound Production"
"Sensory Play and Language Development"
"Tackling Feeding Difficulties"
"When to Refer for a Speech Language Evaluation"

Evaluations consist of developmental history form filled out by family/caregiver, family/caregiver interview, informal and formal evaluation tools.  Tools used for evaluations are determined on an individual basis.  Some children are best evaluated through informal observation, play and language samples alone.  Some children benefit from a combination of informal and formal testing.  The purpose of the evaluation is to obtain the best picture of the child through multiple venues.

Language/Social Skills Therapy

A child centered approach is essential to creating lasting relationships and developing important life skills.  Language is learned through exploring and using the child's natural interests.  Working with the child's sensory system through yoga, ball play, heavy work, etc., teaches important vocabulary, language and social skills.  

Feeding Therapy

A sensory and hierarchal approach to feeding focuses on allowing the child to explore the food, tolerate the sight of the food, touch, kiss, taste and eventually eat the food.  Working with the whole child's developmental, physical and oral motor skills to allow the child to become comfortable with food.  Eating is a social activity and should be an enjoyable experience for the child and family/caregiver.